During operation, the running mat rubs against the base board generating friction and heat. This leads to wear and tear on the treadmill and reduced performance. Regular application of wOilTM premium quality treadmill lubricant significantly reduces this friction and heat and their unwanted side effects.
wOilTM premium quality treadmill lubricant is specifically formulated for use on treadmills and comes with a 100% quality guarantee. wOilTM is 100% high viscosity silicone oil, providing ideal protection for your treadmill. it is colourless, odourless and non-toxic. Regular application of wOilTM is the easiest way to safeguard your treadmill. Unlike other oils, wOilTM is 100% compatible with all plastic and rubber components and will not damage them.
This depends on the frequency of use. As a general guide, apply wOilTM at least weekly for commercial use and at least monthly for domestic use.
Never use aerosol lubricants on your treadmill. These contain hydrocarbon propellants, which can damage the rubber and plastic components of your treadmill. Aerosol lubricants are designed for metal to metal contact and should be used only for this application. Aerosol lubricants have a nasty lingering odour that can prevent you from using your treadmill for hours after application. Unlike aerosols, wOilTM is completely odourless so you can use your treadmill immediately after applying it.
Never use engine oil to lubricate your treadmill. Engine oil contains hydrocarbons, which can damage the rubber and plastic components of your treadmill. It is designed specifically for engines and should only be used for this application.
Never use cooking oil to lubricate your treadmill. It is not suitable as a lubricant. The friction generated by your treadmill will break the oil down, providing no protection whatsoever.
wOilTM is ideal for lubricating all exercise and gym equipment. It is specifically designed for lubricating parts containing rubber and plastic components as it contains no hydrocarbons. It is completely odourless and non-toxic and is ideal for all moving parts. Regular lubrication with wOilTM will protect your equipment and ensure optimum performance.
Your treadmill may need lubricating if it exhibits any of the following symptoms:
1. The running belt slips, jerks or stops during operation
2. The motor is noisy
3. The running belt gets excessively hot during operation
Definitely not! Unlike aerosol sprays, wOilTM is completely odourless and non-toxic! There are no lingering nasty smells so you can use your treadmill straight away after applying it.

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